• • Logistics specialists (both genders)
    • Terms of Employment
    • High qualification (English)
    • Full computer proficiency
    • To have at least two years of experience in the field of logistics.
    • He must have performed military service or be exempt from it for (males).

    • Advantages
    Transfers inside and outside the city in 6th of October City - Haram - El Remaya.
    rewarding salaries
    Social and health insurances
    housing for expats
    • The company's headquarters / Menoufia - Sadat City - the sixth industrial m - next to Al-Wadi Oil Factory
    And Mills of Ibn Al-Khattab in front of Antar Steel.
    • Note: The c.v is sent on the company's website by entering and registering on it through jobs only and not by WhatsApp or phone.
    • www. greenhope-eg.com

• Fresh graduate accountants
Job conditions
• High qualification, Bachelor of Commerce (ordinary - English).
• Recent graduate .
• Accountants with experience specializing in audits and costs
Job conditions
• High qualification, Bachelor of Commerce (ordinary - English).
• Experience starting from 3 to 7 years.
• Full proficiency in computer programs.
• It is preferable to reside in Sadat City or Sadat Center.
• Advantages
Transportation (Sadat-Menouf-Al-Shuhada-Eshmoun-Thaway-Jizzy-Al-Khattabeh) - Social and health insurances. Other suits.
- First: The c.v is sent to the company's website.
• www. greenhope-eg.com
Second: to set the date of the interview.
- Company headquarters: Sixth Industrial Zone, behind Al Mandarawi Feed
Beside Ibn Al-Khattab Mills - Sadat City.

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