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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
The company’s social development goals - the social principles of the Economic Development Holding Company and the company’s subsidiary. By raising all within the company training available to all, the company spends 14% DR on social responsibility, paying salaries to some extent that enables the team to live a classy life and provide health insurance in addition to providing Health care with the largest companies in addition to providing comprehensive health coverage, correcting the work environment on an ongoing basis and providing all tools of occupational safety and health, maintaining good procedures for labor law in addition to providing full support for sports and organizing tournaments within the work team to maintain health and competition in the practice Sports, prohibition and criminalization of child labor, non-discrimination between company members in (religion, gender, race...), setting a firm policy for bullying between individuals, introducing the stock system for distinguished employees to increase the sense of loyalty, in addition to providing community support to the company’s suppliers from Through the dissemination of the company’s crops with new farmers - contract crops - in the most remote and needy places, which depend mainly on human resources, especially women, which make the A species company in general throughout the period of cultivation and collection, i.e. most months of the year, which makes the company a member of the community family

In order for the company to be one of the most prestigious of the work team


Since the company's inception, it has been looking at foreign markets as a contribution to increasing the economic level and increasing profitability In addition to working to increase the agricultural area and increase workers in farms and factories.


The company provides a social cover for its employees and contributes to the development of civil society through the non-profit association of the company. In addition to the existence of educational and educational rounds in order to raise the intellectual level and health awareness.

Believing in our responsibility towards our facity ,Green Hope work in directly with it, more than 4.000 ladies from different villages from poor to meduim level .


The company is committed , monitored and undertakes to provide the best seeds from international companies , to ensure that no substances are used that are harmful to the environment , affect the health of the consumer through permanent analysis ,monitoring of the agricultural process and the fertilizers used in agriculture and work to rationalize the use of water in agriculture through Work with the best modern irrigation party.

Commitment to sports

Green Hope Company contributes to sports activities

Commitment to social insurance

Green Hope has contracted with Allenz Company for the medical insurance project for Green Hope Group employees

Green Hope

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